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Hi! I am Becky Gardner. I live with my husband, our six wonderful kids, and our three parakeets in Loveland, Colorado. We spent the last few years focused on a vision of becoming financially free while living a healthy lifestyle. We recently achieved financial freedom by becoming debt free. We feel exhilarated and love life.

We homeschool our kids and are often on a quest to balance our insatiable desire to explore and keeping our home organized. I started following the posts by the maker of the Homemaking Cottage on Facebook. She often posted tips she used to keep her home organized, work on her home businesses, and homeschool her then 8 kids (now 10). One day she posted about using essential oils.

How Essential Oils Became Part of Who I Am

I was already on a journey to live healthy by exercising, choosing organic foods that were made by nature instead of in a factory, and filling my mind with anything I found inspiring instead of what came easiest. Essential oils seemed like the perfect next step in my journey. I jumped on the opportunity and invited her to my home to share with my friends and I an introduction to cleaning and supporting health with essential oils.

doterra wellness pyramid lifestyleRight away, we started to use essential oils daily and studied ways that we could promote the quality of life we dreamed about.  We haven’t written off everything modern medicine has to offer for maintaining health and well being, but rely on natural methods first.  It’s amazing how eating right, allowing our bodies quality rest, managing stress, and essential oils have supported emotional and hormonal balance for our entire family.

One day, my friend asked me what changed in my life because she could tell that something was different.  That was the beginning of a new trend in my life. The same thing happened with other friends and family members.  We are sharing a lifestyle change that has been around for centuries, but was forgotten with the advent of the modern chemically based/manmade lifestyle.

My Ah-ha Moment

About 2 years into using essential oils, it occurred to me one day that the kids hadn’t been sick enough to visit the doctor. We were empowered to care for them within the comfort of our own home. The same holds true today, they haven’t been to the doctor for sick-child visits in 4 years. This has saved us a lot of time and money.

Time to Pay it Forward

map-of-the-places-i-visit-to-teach-about-essential-oilsMy husband and our kids support me in my travels as I share our lifestyle with others. When I am in town, they are often right along side me showing that we’re in this together. Our passion is to share with others what we’ve been blessed with so that others may have a wonderful journey through life. Your journey won’t be exactly the same as mine, that would be boring if everything was the same. But, I can tell you that most have found a sense of freedom to live life with joy and wellness.

When I am not traveling or having a booth at health fairs and farmer’s markets, I am juggling the roles of wife, wellness advocate, mentor, Cub Scout leader, homeschooling, and mom.

Are you interested in becoming debt-free or learning about essential oils? You can request your free sample (I pay the shipping, too) and you’ll also receive personalized guidance as you learn how to use oils and access to an ever expanding library of essential oil resources. I can’t wait to introduce you to the difference oils can make in your life and how they can lead to your debt-free dream.

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  • lynnsamuelson

    Hi Becky,
    I discovered essential oils about two years ago and am very impressed with their numerous benefits. Essential oils have a healing effect mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m especially fond of lavender and chamomile as a way to naturally relax before going to sleep. I’ve also found that eucalyptus is great for supporting the immune system, relieves runny nose, cough, night sweats, etc. and helping with seasonal or environmental threats. Do you have a favorite essential oil?

    • Becky

      Do I have a favorite essential oil? That’s a tough one because that answer changes all the time. I like to use Cheer or Elevation blends in the morning to start my day on a happy note. At bed time, I love Serenity blend because I have found that it supports a restful night’s sleep. I also like to use On Guard to boost my immune system. I could go on with even more, but those are some of the staples I use on a daily basis.

  • Sue

    I am with you about staying as healthy as I can so that I don’t have to be running to the doctor for illnesses. I have seen a lot of websites that promote essential oils.

    What is unique about the brand you sell as opposed to other brands? I have been given some oils from Young Living Oil occasionally and I absolutely love the fragrances. However, they are way too expensive for me to purchase.

    I would like to find something that is similar but not so expensive.

    • Becky

      I have heard of Young Living’s essential oils, but have very little personal experience. Even if I did have personal experience, I wouldn’t spend time comparing the two companies because I’m biased toward doTERRA and it wouldn’t be a fair comparison. There is some tension between distributors of both companies and I wouldn’t want to add to that.

      What I love about doTERRA’s oils is that they are 3rd party tested. The list of tests done on the oils at the 3rd party site and in house is very extensive. So far, doTERRA has kept their standards high. The oils are tested to make sure all the chemical constituents that belong with a certain oil are present in the right ratios and they’re tested for foreign residues (think pesticides, herbicides, fillers, heavy metals, and solvents).

      The oils are grown in specific environments where they will provide the best chemical profile for our benefit. At the same time, doTERRA practices sustainability, which is very important to me because I do not want to contribute to the devastation of an ecosystem. doTERRA also helps growers and distillers in 3rd world countries to have a sustainable, livable income throughout the planting, harvesting and distillation process. In some countries, projects to bring fresh water, schools, medical facilities have been completed to improve the quality of life for the people in the areas where the oils come from.

      doTERRA is also an education based company that fosters team work within it’s distributor structure. What that means is that I welcome people who are working with other distributors to my events and treat them as well as my own clients without trying to cross recruit.

      doTERRA is also mission driven. You can learn more about it’s efforts with the Healing Hands projects such as Operation Underground Railroad and Days for Girls that I’ll post soon (they’re already drafted).

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