Andy and Natalie Goddard Success Story

I am on the Andy and Natalie Goddard team. I love their vision, a healer in every home. These amazing people offer their basic training program to people both on and off of their team for free. Those who are on the Goddard team, get even more free training and free mentoring from others on their team.

I am grateful to be on their team. Even those who have yet to meet Andy and Natalie Goddard in person can feel their passion. Now you can see just a glimpse of it in this short video.


When you join Certified Pure Essential Oils, you will have access to all the training anywhere in the continental United States. Mentoring can take place in person or via phone, Skype, Google Plus, and more- we can be creative! Like most mentors, our team requires that you reach out to your mentor- not the other way around.


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