April 16 Walking for Fitness

As I was typing the title for this post, I was thinking that I amphould change it from “Walking for Fitness” to “Exercising for Fitness” because I spend most of my exercise routine doing anything but walking. In fact, the graphic below shows an update for the recorded running I’ve done so far in 2016:

KM Run in 2016 as of 16 April 2016

I’m very excited because I’ve never been a runner before 2016. Here’s an update for the exercising I accomplished last week.

Exercise stats for week 1 April 2016

I’m happy to announce that I won my 3rd challenge in Garmin Connect. I don’t win anything other than receiving the satisfaction that I did really well while competing with people who have similar exercise habits. I also reached my steps goal 6 days last week. The goals were set by my Garmin Vivofit 2. My Vivofit also recorded 700K steps last week.

Some other successes I had this week is that I tried on a pair of my favorite size 8 pants. I was not only able to get them on, I was able to zip them up and snap them. I tried them two weeks ago and couldn’t get them past my hips. At the end of January, I was wearing size 14/16 pants. Some time in February, I started wearing size 12 pants. In March, size 10. All I can say is that consistent effort can become the much wanted results we’re looking for. If the results don’t come after months of working out, it may be time to return to your favorite practitioner’s office to see if there is an undiscovered underlying condition that needs some attention.

What are your successes and challenges in your fitness journey? Leave a comment.


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