doTERRA Wholesale Discount

What is the Wholesale Discount Anyway?

So you want to know what doTERRA’s wholesale discount is and how it helps you to be frugal.  That’s something I can help you with because I have a wholesale account, too.

A wholesale account is a lot like Sam’s or Costco memberships, only more awesome! It’s only $35 for the first year. It’s $25 to renew and your gift is a peppermint essential oil. That’s a win-win situation right there. But what do you get? You get 25-55% off your orders. There are no monthly minimum order requirements- you can order here and there, or just one order per year. No selling requirements- most people get a wholesale account for personal use.

Your wholesale account comes with a personal network of fellow essential oil users who enjoy sharing their essential oil knowledge- yep, I’m one of those who can’t wait to help you. That’s not all. doTERRA has an award winning customer service team that is ready to help you during business hours.

Do I have to Order Monthly?

This is a common question. To put it simply, the answer is no. After your initial purchase, you can order as infrequently as you choose.

When the time comes when you want to get more than one oil at a time or want to order more frequently, there is the OPTIONAL Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). This is for people who use oils regularly and want to be ready for anything. These people want to make a lifestyle change and get the biggest discounts.

LRP is a monthly autoship program that allows you to cancel anytime- remember it’s optional. When you order 50 PV ($50 for most products before shipping and taxes), you can accrue points to use toward free oils. You’ll start at 10% back in most cases, then move up by 5% every 3 months. So it’s 10% back for the first 3 months, 15% back the next 3 months, 20% back the next 3 months, 25% back the next 3, and it tops off at 30% as long as your order is 50 PV. This is in addition to the 25% off retail prices. I get 30% back on my orders. Combine that with the wholesale discount of 25% off, I’m getting 55% off my orders -> 25%+30%=55% off.

As of October 2016, I have received $3800.18 wholesale in free oils in 44 months, or 3 years 8 months. That’s on top of the 25% discount I received as a wholesale member. The value of free oils you’d receive depends on how you use your LRP orders.

But, if you are only planning to order oils a 1-5 times per year, LRP is probably not for you. That’s fine. Our main goal is to help you.

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Ready to get your Wholesale Discount?

Ordering is a lot like ordering on other websites:

  1. Choose your language and country before clicking continue
  2. Choose wholesale prices- you’ll get the most value
  3. Fill out your details, check the box, and click continue
  4. Choose the introductory packet in the slider on the top and any oils you want to start with or choose an enrollment kit
  5. Enter your shipping and payment details.
  6. Viola, you’re all set up.

To get started, click on the button below. Please contact me with any questions you have about this process.

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