Emotional Benefits of Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress essential oil, like all essential oils, has emotional and spiritual benefits.

Do you ever feel like you’re mentally and/or emotionally stagnant? Like you’re holding onto the past?

You’ve probably met someone who approaches life with perfectionism,- the need to control their situation as well as the people in their lives, and/or tries to force things to go a certain way instead of letting them unravel spontaneously.

Living life like this leaves a person to feel stuck, like they can’t move forward. Others’ impressions may be that they are inflexible, uncompromising, tense and intense.

Aiming high and wanting to make a quality effort is good. Expecting perfection in everything, all the time, strains relationships and adds a layer of burden that grows daily- until it reaches volcanic potential. Staying in this mental and emotional place closes off the person to enjoying life and the people in it.

Cypress essential oil is the oil that helps people to release strong or repressed emotions as well as get their energy flowing, moving through the heart and mind, allowing flexibility. This allows people to enjoy life more fully as they release their worries and their drive to control.

Some tips for promoting physical health and vitality:

  • Runners and hikers: Boost your energy levels by applying to your feet and legs.
  • Gardeners: You can also boost your energy and vitality levels by applying 2-3 drops to your chest before you start gardening.
  • Oily Skin? Add one or two drops to your toner to improve the appearance.
  • Want to feel invigorated? Diffuse with lime essential oil.
  • Cypress supports the cleansing and rebuilding of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

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If you were going to use Cypress today, how would you use it? Let me know in the comments.

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