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Spring is here and in full swing. It’s my favorite season because I love it when the birds’ song permeates the air, the bright colored flowers start to bloom and watching plants come back to life. The sun rises earlier, so I can enjoy walks with my husband while by sons are at seminary. Just this morning, we were admiring the landscaping in a few neighborhoods in our are.

My natural gas bill starts to drop because the heat is turned off most of the time and I can leave the coat, and possibly the jacket, at home or in the car when I take the kids to the park.

I simply love that everything is coming back to life.

There’s only one drawback to this season in my book.

I don’t like to mask my symptoms and I don’t like to suffer. I want to get out there and enjoy the beauty and feel the energy created by new life.

So what is a person to do?

My first line of defense will always be something natural. I could get a bunch of essential oils out to ease my discomfort. I’d rather keep it simple. Others must feel that way, too. That’s probably why doTERRA created a simple solution: TriEase soft gels.  It’s basically lemon, lavender, and peppermint (in equal proportions) in a soft gel that’s designed to protect against seasonal and environmental threats.

What most people like about TriEase is that it’s easy to take them with you on trips, run errands, sporting events, or basically any time you’re on the go.

Why TriEase Works:

If you’re into the details, you probably want to know what each oil can do for you. You may be asking, “what do each of the oils do and why this combination?”

Lemon Peel: cleansing to the body’s systems and frequently used for respiratory discomfort*
Lavender Flower: renowned for its calming and balancing effects*
Peppermint Plant: promotes clear breathing and healthy respiratory function*

When are some good times to use TriEase?

Good question! Here is my go-to list:

• Take TriEase before gardening this spring.

• Take before going out to feed horses or cows.

• Use when hiking during Spring or Fall.

• Protects against seasonal and environmental elements.*

• Cleansing to the body’s systems.*

• Calming and balancing effects, internally and externally.*

• Promotes clear breathing and healthy respiratory functions.*

• TriEase helps you through changing seasons by protecting against environmental threats.*

• Taking TriEase daily during times of seasonal discomfort or to maintain clear breathing.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How do I use TriEase Soft Gels?


The recommended frequency is 1–2 per day as needed. There are a total of 5 drops of essential oils in 1 Soft Gel.

When it comes to essential oil use, this would fall under the category of using them internally (orally= using oils in a way where the oils come in direct contact with the mouth and esophagus, often mixed with water). To the left is a chart with a recommendation for using essential oils.

How can I learn more about TriEase Soft Gels?


On this website, we will soon have additional information about TriEase. In the mean time, I’m offering 3o minute appointments for those who would like to learn more about Tri-Ease and essential oils for themselves and/or their family. You can also peruse the doTERRA website to learn more.

I look forward to answering your questions either in the comments below or you may contact me. Thanks!


  • The changing of the seasons is a glorious time, but those seasonal reactions that accompany it can create some struggles! dōTERRA’s TriEase Softgels help keep me refreshed in the spring air.


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