Certified organic is a wonderful blessing and something I look for on the labels of fruits and vegetables at the grocery store. For the most part, I trust the organic label.  So why wouldn’t I look for organic essential oils? What if there is something better?

Before doTERRA was in being, the founders gather to discuss their vision. They wanted their customers to experience the full power and potency of essential oils and to have oils everyone could count on every time they went to use it. Imagine a parents picking up melaleuca to calm an earache or lavender to soothe a burn. Parents want the best and want essential oils they could trust.

The founders of doTERRA set out to increase industry standards by setting up 3rd party testing for all of the oils before purchasing from distillers and growers. This cross-testing ensures that our green product offering contains pure aromatic extracts and are a step above organic. This was the beginning of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®, or CPTG®, standard.

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®, or CPTG®, goes beyond organic by obtaining plant materials that are grown in specific environments, environments that have optimal levels of sunshine, precipitation, temperature, altitude, and soil quality to achieve the best ratios in chemistry for our benefit. In order to achieve this, our essential oils are obtained from responsibly managed farms throughout the world where growing, harvesting, and distilling methods meet dōTERRA’s strict standards for purity (CPTG®—Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®).

The challenge any essential oil company faces when they seek the certified organic label is that organic certification varies from country to country, province to province, and in the US, from state to state. Therefore, it is not currently possible to acquire all oils under certified organic status.

Our third party testing is done by experts that have been doing this a while, and their long history of tested purity is part of the art of producing such beautiful oils.  They are farmers and collectors and chemists that are committed to distilling essential oils as artisans and we believe are mindful of their environments and are committed to sustainable practices.  Our network is vast and our suppliers’ methods are diverse.

CPTG essential oils are also free of pesticides, chemical residues, fillers, herbicides, extenders, and solvents. Essential oils that do not pass the tests because they contain foreign contaminants are rejected. At this time, the contaminants are impossible to remove through a secondary process.  Essential oils are natural aromatic extracts. doTERRA won’t back down on it’s quality standards. Either the oils pass the test or they won’t. Nothing can be added or removed to pass the tests.

doTERRA also does in house testing to ensure that the oils are indeed pure when they arrive and remain pure during the rest of production, think bottling. These tests verify that each batch of essential oils is correctly examined and free from contaminants. When doTERRA administers these tests, the company makes sure that their tests are managed by qualified and skilled individuals and specialized equipment and machinery.

What happens to rejected essential oils? They are often sold to perfume industry or other essential oil companies. Often times, essential oils available to purchase from companies other than doTERRA are not completely pure, meaning they are filled with additives or fillers that dilute the essential oils. These additives can reduce the impact of an essential oil and can restrict the variety of essential oil uses and benefits.

A while back, the distiller of Hawaiian Sandalwood passed away. Those who took over the company were unable to pass the extensive tests to meet our standards. They worked hard with doTERRA to improve operations so the oils would pass. In the mean time, doTERRA didn’t carry Hawaiian Sandalwood. doTERRA doesn’t carry a product to carry a product. The oils simply must pass a test to be offered by doTERRA. As a parent and a person who is conscientious about the products I use to maintain my health, I am grateful that doTERRA is committed to NEVER back down on their standards to meet demand. I can count on the oil being safe and effective every time.

doTERRA is  also committed to sustainability. If we were to learn of any actions of a supplier causing harm to either the environment or to the local people of their community we would certainly seek other and more appropriate sources.  Our long-term hope is as we grow the demand for essential oils, we can help develop clean industry for local economies around the production of plants and extracts.

Are you ready to get doTERRA’s beyond organic essential oils in your home? Find out how to get them at the best prices. 

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