Lavender Essential Oil Spotlight

One of the most popular ways that people use lavender is to diffuser it as they fall asleep.  The good news is that lavender essential oil is diverse and can do a lot more! Pregnant moms turn to Lavender essential oil because the floral scent is relaxing, which makes their family members feel happy. Women who wear mascara add a drop of Lavender essential oil to  help lashes stay long and full. Here are 5 popular ways people use lavender in their daily lives.

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Women want their legs to look young after shaving. Apply a couple drops of Lavender to soothe razor bumps and dry skin. Coming soon: Razor relief serum featuring lavender essential oil.

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Has your potpourri lost it’s scent? Add a couple drops of lavender to bring it back to life!

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Don’t let dry hands get you down! Add a couple drops of lavender to unscented lotion to bring back moisture to your hands.

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Spending time out in the sun is fun, unless you get too much and end up with irritated skin. Lavender and melaleuca soothe the skin and peppermint cools it. Try this refreshing spray. Make sure to shake before each application and apply as needed.

A popular diffuser blend sleep: 2 drops of lavender, balance and cedar wood essential oils. The blend is calming, grounding, and relaxing.

Before using lavender essential oil, check out the safety precautions and additional ideas.

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