March 29, 2016 Walking for Fitness

In January, I set some pretty lofty goals. I wanted to walk or run an average of 30 miles per week during exercise sessions. I really wanted that, but within a few days, I was already reevaluating that goal because I know my personality type. I like to have variety and not be stuck with a specific routine.

So, in February, I enrolled some of my kids in swimming lessons each Saturday. While one was busy with lessons, another was waiting for theirs, so I enjoyed swimming with them. I also took up running on the treadmill because I’ve never been a runner and thought it would be great to try something new. I even joined a challenge on called You vs the Year. The challenge is to run 1000 KM in 2016. I’m at 340 KM so far, which is about 211.26 miles.  I run about 5 mph. Not bad for a beginner. You vs the Year 29 March 2016

I also like to take adventures. While I haven’t gone any that are worthy of the front page news or a headliner on a news cast, I still consider what some of my chosen activities adventures. There’s an important street in the town next to mine. My husband and I chose to walk there for a date. It’s a great way to not be distracted by kids and devices. It was just over 10 miles round trip. I also consider walking with my 4 youngest kids (4-11) to the local pizza shop, then to a park an adventure.

I decided to start weight lifting 2-3 times per week mid- January. At the end of February, I got myself an early birthday present a refurbished Garmin Vivofit 2 to help me keep track of my activity when I wasn’t “exercising.” Garmin also has some challenges. The first one I won didn’t feel like much of a win since most of the other people in the challenge recorded 0 steps. The second one I won was neck and the whole time. I came in 2nd place in last weeks 100K step challenge.

Another tool that I decided to start using is My Fitness Pal. It helps me to be accountable with my calorie intake. I still eat the same foods, but now I know that some foods should be eaten in smaller portions if I want to have energy, stamina, and keep my BMI goals.

The pay off!

I can’t believe that the first quarter of 2016 is almost complete. WOW! Time flew. This year, I went 354.15 via walking, running and biking. I recorded my exercising  time as 354.15 hours and burned 62,450 calories
January 2016 exerciseFebruary 2016 exerciseMarch 2016 Exercise

For several weeks, I felt frustrated that my weight plateaued. Yet, I was reassured that some positive things were happening that are more important to being fit. First, I was sleeping really well each night and felt refreshed in the morning. Second, my moods were great. Thirdly, my measurements continued to change over time. In fact, one day I was sick and tired of how my size 14 pants were fitting- they weren’t staying up. I was brave and tried on a pair of size 10 pants I’ve held onto for a few years and they FIT!

IMG_5397During this last week, the number on the scale went down by 3 pounds. I’m excited to see those results! Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

We love to hear your stories. How are your fitness goals coming along in 2016? Did you reevaluate yet or are you just getting around to setting them. Either story would be great to hear!

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