My Essential Oil Story

Ever wonder why people get started using essential oils? Everyone has a unique story.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared mine. Here it is.

My name is Becky Gardner. I love to share my story with others because I know I’m not the only one who has experienced the same health concerns themselves or known someone who does. When I can guide someone to a solution so they can enjoy emotional and physical well being, like I have many times before, there’s this amazing feeling of excitement for the person I served as well as an increased desire to keep helping others. I can’t really explain what I feel other than I feel like I’m flying.

Here is my essential oil story:

Since puberty, I’ve had ovarian and hormonal issues that can cause facial hair (yep, I do shave just a little on my face), predisposes me to elevated blood sugar and weight issues, irregular cycles and difficulty starting a family.

Both of these caused me to feel miserable and hating life and not being able to stand myself because of the intense mood and anger issues this was causing.

I also had joint and muscle soreness that required prescription medication. I had to have regular blood tests to be on top of any of the potentially dangerous side effects such as organ damage. One time, when I went to renew my prescription, the doctor’s office informed me that my medication had been recalled for months. Before this, I thought my doctor had my back. I expected him to tell me if my medications were recalled. This was a catalyst. I started. researching other ways to manage my health.

I found out that there were other ways, natural ways, to support normal function of all the body systems.

In the fall of 2012, I saw a post by Shiloah, who was a friend of a friend on Facebook, about essential oils. I contacted her to learn more. She helped me to discover that I could do a lot from the comfort of my own home. I feel blessed every time that I pick up an oil that I found her on Facebook because she has empowered me to handle my family’s issues as well.

Just for fun, here is a picture of my family. We have 6 kids. With 8 people having a human experience, you know that each person is going to have challenges unique to them.

Here are some of the other issues that I’ve been able to work with:


emotional issues: for example: intense frustration, anger, feeling disconnected

sensory issues

learning issues

language processing issues

respiratory issues caused by my son’s birth experience


noisy sleeping issues

occasional digestive issues

seasonal threats that happen mainly in the spring: sneeze

We started with the Natural Solutions kit after Shiloah and I looked up many of our concerns in the Modern Essentials book. My family and I have enjoyed the results we were looking for using the oils for almost 6 years.

Now, we’re focused on using oils for everyday concerns such as ear aches that happen in the middle of the night, oils for exercising, and stuff that pops up like bumps and bruises that happen at the park

Before I go, I want to put a plug in for a few other oils that made a HUGE impact in my life: Let’s just say that one oil that every woman from puberty through menopause should have is Clary Calm. The lifelong vitality and the products found the 30 day cleanse are a BIG part of my story. Make sure to ask your trainer about these. If you don’t have a trainer, ask me!

What is YOUR story? Share with us in the comments below. Your story could uplift and help someone else.

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