The Day I NEEDED to Escape

Yesterday was Sunday. Not just any Sunday. Nope, it was the day that Daylight Savings time began. I put the kids to bed early on Saturday night, all but one that is because he had a church activity, because I wanted the time change to have as little effect on their moods as possible. In the past, I followed my own advice and went to bed early. This time around? No siree-Bob! I just had to watch Robin Prince of Thieves. I hadn’t seen it in years and I’ve felt drawn toward watching it. I enjoyed every minute of it, until I realized it was after midnight. I rarely go to bed that late. With the time change that was like going to bed after 1 AM! YIKES!

The next day, I go to church and everything is going smoothly. Then, all of a sudden, the water works kicked in as I was thinking about how no one sat with me during one of the meetings. The person I thought would sit near me got up, crossed the room and sat elsewhere. I was thinking, “Woe is me. I feel SO lonely, even though I’m in a room full of people I used to know back in the day.” (In retrospect, what was I thinking? Where did these feelings come from? This kind of stuff doesn’t usually get to me.  Why didn’t I just get up and sit next to someone? REALLY?)

I’m not the kind of person who handles feeling vulnerable and teary eyed around my family, let alone a room full of acquaintances. Before the tears really started flowing and my eyes had a chance to turn read, my face puff up, you name it, I walked out of the room and headed outside. I wasn’t sure where I was going or what I was going to do. It was windy out. I don’t like wind either.

Then, I got a brilliant idea, “I’ll go to the car and sit there.” I opened my purse and scavenged around to see which  oils were still in my purse (I cleaned it out a couple days before). I found Balance essential oil blend. YEA! It’s one of my favorites. I started applying to my wrists and rubbed them on my neck. I brought my wrists to my nose and inhaled, letting the smell penetrate my nostrils.

The tears that welled up within my eyes, the swelling feeling in my eyes all but disappeared. I’ve got this! I walked back in and sat through the rest of the church meeting.

When it was time to go home, I got a report about one of my kids being noisy when he was supposed to be quiet. I told the teacher that he’s come a long way from where we were about a year ago. Another feeling came to the surface, a feeling of, “Man, I’m not doing enough to keep my kids in line.” and, “I really stink as a parent because my kids don’t hit the milestones at the same pace as everyone else seems to. I work so hard and it feels like I’m spinning wheels.”

One of the things I’ve struggled with for as long as I can remember is feeling lonely, even when there are people surrounding me. Another is feeling like I am talentless or not very good at what I do. Don’t get me started on comparison: Left and right, I see success stories about other people and their kids. I see that they are able to provide amazing opportunities for their kids and we’ve struggled to pay bills and keep food in the fridge.

Time for some more balance! I also added On Guard not long after because I also wanted to be uplifted.

After church, I wondered why Balance Grounding Blend had worked so well. I’ve always used Balance for physical purposes, not so much for the emotional side. I got out my Emotions & Essential Oils book and looked it up. In the second paragraph of the 2nd edition of page 72, Grounding Blend, The Oil of Grounding, it states, “Grounding Blend is especially suited for personalities who seek to escape life through disconnection or disassociation. These individuals may avoid long-term commitments in works or relationships, preferring instead to ‘drift’ with the wind. . . providing inner strength and fortitude, Grounding Blend teaches individuals to ground their energy and to manifest their vision with the patience of a tree.”

On Guard is known as the Protective Blend. Most people think of it as a blend that protects us from pathogens. There are also emotional components. According to Emotions & Essential Oils, it can help strengthen our inner self, boost our resolve to stand up for self, and live with integrity. It’s also recommended for people who have “weakened boundaries due to some kind of perpetual violation to their personal space. It cuts away unhealthy connections such as codependency, parasitic relationships or emotional viruses.” I was feeling weak and not standing up for myself. My frame of mind at the time: Give up.

At Home

Remember that I said it was windy? The wind picked up after church. Just like the other morning, my kids were agitated and starting to pick on each other again. (You’re probably thinking that’s what kids do all the time. My kids aren’t exempt, but this was more intense than usual.) My husband started filling diffusers and asked which oil to diffuse. First answer: Balance!

Lord knows I NEEDED  to disconnect and escape at that time. I also need patience as I get used to living in my new environment and figuring out how I will choose to fit in. I have a feeling that my kids are having similar feelings, though some may not understand their feelings or have the vocabulary to express them. For the time being, I know I will keep this blend in my purse for those moments when any of us need to escape or feel “grounded.” I will also spend more time talking to my kids about feelings so they can express how and what they are experiencing.

Has Balance Essential Oil Blend, or another oil or blend, helped you with your emotions before?

I know Balance didn’t “fix” anything and the person who didn’t sit by me didn’t cause my challenges. I know that as I put effort into making a place for myself in my community and I spend more time honoring myself by focusing on self care, including getting enough sleep, my emotions will be easier to manage.

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