Week 5: Walking for Fitness

Week 5: Walking for Fitness

December 16, 2015

I chose to sleep in because my son’s seminary class was cancelled, along with the local school district, due to a winter storm. My day was chock full of doctor’s appointments and cub scouts (I’m a wolf leader). So, I didn’t exercise or take my weight.  In between appointments, I bought a Chocolove candy bar and shared it with my son. We were so grateful that his cardiologist hadn’t found anything scary. If you ever get a chance to try one, don’t pass up the opportunity. It was delicious!

Chocolove Raspberries in Dark Chocolate

At cub scouts, we made houses out of graham crackers, frosting, candy corn, mints, and jelly beans. Of course, I had a few jelly beans and graham crackers.

For the last month or so, I’ve had some sort of bean-based soup most nights and had left overs for lunch. With all the doctors’ appointments during November and December, plus the move, we haven’t spent much on groceries. I imagine that if I were eating a more balanced diet, my successes would come more frequently because food really is the foundation to great health as you see here:

Wellness steps healthy diet



On Wednesday, I got in 6.85 miles on the elliptical. When I got home, before breakfast and just before jumping into the shower, I weighed myself and I’m happy to say that I am back at the weight I was before Thanksgiving! I am at 169 pounds. Not a bad way to start the day off. In fact, it’s great!

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