Week 7: Walking for Fitness

January 5, 2016

Welcome to the first full week of 2016! I’m excited because I’m off to a great start. I’ve already gone 37.59 miles this year.

According to Map My Run’s BMI calculator, I have only 9 pounds left to get back into the “Normal” range. I weighed in this morning at 168 and have an estimated BMI of 26.3.

In case you were wondering where you fit in the BMI ranges, you can visit Map My Run. This is the range that I fit into with my height:

BMI calculator

I re-measured key places on the body. It looks like I am making progress even though my weight changed only by one pound since November 23rd. Pretty good progress since there was Thanksgiving and lots of parties with rich food through the New Year. I’m going to celebrate that I lost 4 inches during the holiday season.


*I measured my chest across the bust line

Changing My Plan to Reach My Goal

Now the party time of the year is over, I want to refocus and get on track. All along, my goal has been to reach 145 pounds by my 40th birthday. I have 12 weeks left. My goal is to shed an average of 1.91 pounds per week to get there. During the last 19 weeks, the average recorded miles I’ve gone per week is 19. I plan to hike that up a bit by aiming for 30 miles per week for the remaining time. There were 3 times during the last 19 weeks that I’ve achieved that goal, 1 time that I exceeded that by 9 miles, and 2 times I was only a few miles short. There were 4 weeks where I recorded less than 10 miles. Looking at the last 4 weeks (skipping week 5 on my blog posts, week 15 since I started recording), I averaged 31 miles/ week, so I think my new goal is sustainable.

**update: March 29, 2016 Just a few days after I posted this, I felt this was a lofty, perhaps not sustainable goal for me because I like to vary things. Read future posts to see some of the other activities I did keep working toward my fitness goals.**


What goals have you set for a healthier, happier you? I’d love to hear about them.


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