Will You Help Me?

I was wondering if you could help me out.

I’ve set a goal to show 20 people about essential oils over the next 8 weeks.


You probably wonder why I set this goal right now. You see, it’s that time of year when we have more social gatherings just for the fun of it or to celebrate a holiday. No one I know wants to walk away from a party or the grocery store with an unexpected visitor that will leave them feeling like staying in bed.

Based on past experience,  people who have essential oils to shield them from things that pass from person to person tend to have more fun at this time of year.

How can I help?

Would you be willing to host a dōTERRA essential oil event for me or have an informal gathering?

I also love to meet with people one on one and in small groups. So if you, your friends, or family prefers a small group or a more private meeting, we can set that up, too. Lastly, you can also invite your friends to the events I already have scheduled.

What happens at the events?

I will show your friends and family how to promote healthy mood, healthy immune response, healthy digestion, healthy metabolism and more through the use of essential oils and other wellness products. Depending on where you live and what works best for your guests, we could do this online using Zoom or a private Facebook group or we could meet in person.

Each guest leaves with a free sample (I’ll mail them if we choose to do it online) and the hostess (you!) gets a free gift as well!

Nobody leaves my events feeling pressured in any way. They leave feeling educated and glad they came. Of course, if they find something they want to buy, or a health concern they want to work on, I’ll help them.

It’s uplifting and fun – I’d love to set up one with you!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a difference!


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